June 28, 2012

feel sorry for this unimportant post haha. just dunno what to do. so i took my notebook and opened its webcam and said cheeeese to cameraa :D anyway, you see these two picts have different style of editing.. i like the first one editing and when i tried it to the second pict..oh okay, i forgot the composition, eh!? -____- 

see? haha so sorry for my random activity. blame to my manager who gave me three days off before starting my day in my new branch office lalalalala ~ 

well, i wanna say thanks to amelle scarf for the lovely green scarf. actually i got two kinds of scarf, the second one has candy shabby colors. looking forward for my next post (insya Allah) wearing scarf from amelle..hihihi, thank you dearest amelia :)

Amelle Scarf
Twitter: @amellescarf

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