September 15, 2010

Happy Idul Fitri :D


Hello Hello Hello
Puput is back to the town !! (hahaha silly)
how was your Ied ??
i wanna say Happy Ied Mubarak for all muslimin in the world, please forgive for every mistake that (maybe) i ever done before :)

okay, it's been a week i didn't update sumthin on this blog
now, i wanna share with you the Idul Fitri 1431 H moment :D
i spent my Ied holiday at my grandmother's house in lilttle island near East Java, yes actually im maduranese :)

Sunary's Family

my Family
(Adian, mom, Aria, me, dad)

THR timeee and look ! everyone is happy
kalau udah urusan bagi bagi THR senengnya sampe ke ubun ubun
liat aja tuh om Deni (paling kanan) ketawanya paling gede, saingan sama senyum ku yang super lebar --" (malu)

this is my fav pict, i love their smile and natural look my lil cousin, Aditya

thankyou for reading all 
xoxo :*



  1. happy idul fitri.. minal aidin walfaidin :D

  2. serunya...
    mohon maaf lahir dan bathin ya...

  3. mohon maav lahir dan batin yahh puuuuuuuuu .. :)

  4. ahahaha senyumnya itu lho Puuuttt...
    keliatan seneng bgt pas dapet angpao :))


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