Indonesia Islamic Fashion Fair

August 26, 2010

here some photos from fashion show in Indonesian Islamic Fashion Fair, big pardon i forget the designer's name, but actually i love these cute muslimah dresses

poor me i didn't see Irna La Perle's fashion show in the last, because i've to go to urban kitchen for breakfasting dinner with hijab scarf. but still happy, i can took a photo and we had nice lil conversation about how she get the inspiration to make the beautiful designs :')


  1. semakin keren aja fashion untuk muslimah...jadi pasti bnyak yg tertarik untuk berkerudung semoga^^

  2. waaa so nice to see the show...

    BTW Put suddenly I read your profile & found out that today is ur b'day :D
    Happy b'day Puput Utamiii ^^
    hope u can graduate with good grades & always get Allah's blessing amiin

  3. yeaa, i really enjoy that show so much,
    amin amin thanks for the wishes kak tia :D

  4. waw.. diselenggarakan di mana ya?


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