Banduuung :)

February 7, 2010

assalammualaikum diary..
i have a beautiful day looh mes amis. today, i went to Bandung, visited my first brother at krinus and did shopping with my family (bener ga sih bahasanya? maaf yaa inggris saya agak ngaco.huhu) well, actually i just arrived from my long long journey between Jakarta to Bandung, Bandung to Jakarta todaay (beuhhh..eksis yaa)

what i wore todaaay ?

temanya grey chocoblack, almost all that i wore are unbranded, from grey paris hijab, grey shirt, black legging and black bracelets. and then, i wore brown DAKS's skirt dengan motif kotak kotak black grey, longchamp's grey bag and my mother's high heels sandals

i went to Paris Van Java cause my aunt wanted to buy a handbag and  my brother wanted to buy some things for his study tour. btw, about PVJ, i like that place so mucho, the concept of PVJ is soooooo coool ;)

disana juga lagi ada barong sai nya looh ( bener ga sih tulisan barongsai nya begitu? :p )
lucu sih, tapi berisik dan 85 % serem bener deh :(

and this is my family

from the left to the right : aria (my second bro), mom, me, dad and adian (my first bro)

and my aunt ? haha.. tante ku lagi sibuk ngejar ngejar anak laki-lakinya yang lagi seneng banget lari lari kesana kemari, so i didn't take her picture..huhuhuhu

and how about your weekend friends? semoga menyenangkan juga yaa weekend kalian semua.amin.amin.
i wish tomorrow will gonna be okay for us.. AMIN Ya ALLAH

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