Puput Utami is here!

Im a proud Indonesian-maduranese blooded girl, grown up and livin in capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. I love social media thingy so much, that's why I learn and develope my skills and knowledge by working as social media specialist in one of the biggest media online companies in Indonesia. Also, I love writing and learning any kind of language either traditional or international, especially west-Indonesian-traditional-languages, because it's easier than the east hehehe. I love arts, that's why I love Hijab fashion, music and any other artworks.

Since 2010, blogging is a part of my life that I like and I love. From blog, I  get many chances to know and to meet many great people, make some collaborations and projects with them and show to the world that as a hijabi, I'm proud wearing hijab. It doesn't restrict me from doing what I want.. Of course in the name of Allah and His ridha.

And anyway, if we talk about pupututami.com, it contains my fashion journal and of course my life moments too. And caution! because I like to be in front of camera and act like a photographer, you'll find many big pictures of me here.

Thank you so much for your visits, comments and appreciation for my web blog. I hope you can find them helpful and inspiring, insyaAllah. highly appreciate your cooperation for not using my photos or copy paste without my permission.
Contact : pupututami@hotmail.com

Puput Utami