Salaam, I'm Puput and welcome to Puput Utami's blog.

Puput Utami's blog is my personal blog that I write in bahasa Indonesia, about my own life, style and social interest. I started writing this blog since 2010 in my first year wearing hijab and in my second year in Uni. And now, I am a wife and at the same time Im working as social media specialist in one of the best media online companies in Jakarta. But however, my family is number one and I love to spend my day-my holiday-my weekend time at home with them. 

Anyway, I love write anything from my point of view and I also write review about experience in doing something especially shopping. Non! It doesn't mean I shop a LOT but Im more interested in how they treat their customer. hehe.. so, be careful. I might be your mystery shopper! :p

Thank you so much for your visits comments and appreciation for my blog. I hope you can find them helpful and inspiring, insyaAllah. highly appreciate your cooperation for not using my photos or copy paste without my permission.
Contact : pupututami@hotmail.com

Puput Utami