Another Black and White OOTD session

December 20, 2015

Another #ootd session with Natasha Rizky's collection for First timer wearing black and white horizontal line for top. Not bad but my body looks little wide -_-. I like the motif lines, colours (black and white are my fav) and the important thing, this top made from good material, lil-bit thick and worth to buy. Suit for rainy session like today in Jakarta. For some people who have long leg, I recommend you to wear leg inner if you want to wear horizontal top like mine because it has 3/4 long leg type. Ah ya.. for pants, Im wearing my all time favorite black pants from Zara, it has semi-jeans material, and then I love the new comers not really like flat shoes; because it has 3 cm heels but wearing them do not make me tired nor fatigue. They're from Staccato. So this is another my black and white #ootd session. Hope you like it and get some inspirations, peut etre? hehehe.

Thanks hubby for capturing me. I miss you a lot.


  1. Black and white emang cakep yaa mbak dipake kapan pun, itu dari natasha di wahh kepoin aahh :D

  2. ihirr, Mbak Puput mah cantik pakai apapun *biasa tukang kepo IG nya Mbak Puput* hihihiihihih apalagi black and white :D


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