#EF3 - How Gadget Affect Our Life

January 23, 2015

Hi everyone, Alhamdulillah it's friday.
Today is the third week of BEC's session and also today will be my second BEC challenge. I just skipped last week challenge because of classic reason.. office work.

Anyway, today's topic challenge is about gadget, or in specific it's about how gadget affect our life.
If we talk about gadget, i think it is not just all about cellphone. Let's take a look what online dictionaries said about gadget.

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 Gadget (n) a small mechanical or electronic device or tool, especially an ingenious and novel one. - oxforddictionaries.com
Gadget (n) a mechanical contrivance or device; any ingenious article. -dictionay.reference.com

From definitions above, we know that gadget is not just about cellphone, but it's also an ingenious mechanical contrivance, par example: cellphone, tablet, iphone, ipad, mp3 player and many many many more.. wow! who doesn't love gadget? i think almost 80% of people in the world use and love this kind of tool.

Well, first time i used gadget when i was in second year in junior high school. At that time, it was a few students used that gadget thingy. There was no thing called tablet, ipad, ipod etc and people used it only for making calls and text. Things have changed now. Today, they are more than just call or text making devices. At least, you can capture the moment, listen to the music, watch movie atc only from one device.

I use two kinds of gadgets for accompany me in my everyday activities and i bring both of them to anywhere. If there's question about how gadget affect our life? i'll said that, they are obviously make it easier in a lot of ways. I do like gadget and i think i can't finish my works without using it. Actually, i'm not a freaky gadget person like..when everytime there's new gadget, i have to make it my own. But, it's more like.. there are some activities that i can't do without gadget itself, i need that.

As a social media's worker, i also need to use gadget in my every single time. Even i'm not use my own social media accounts, i need gadget to check and 'stay around' in my company's social media  accounts to get little bit updates or news and make sure all the things go well. But however, i learn how to limit my use for gadget itself. I have to put away my gadget when i'm with my family, friends and..you know, we need time to do something in a 'real life' without hold or bring it.

We know that gadget changes our culture, our way of life. I believe that you ever heard about gadget can bring people close together yet in the same time it can bring people very far even they're sitting beside us. From that, i have conclusion that overuse of these faciliting devices can harm us in many lot more ways than we think. That's why, let's use gadget wisely.



  1. Mbak Put, aku lebih fokus ke bajunya ih. Lucu warna biru... segera banget.

  2. Blusnya bagus Put *ikutan salah fokus*

  3. Too much of anything is never a good thing, isn't it?
    warna case hp nya cakep kak put, macth sama kerudungnya...

    Lia of www.ardiatami.com

  4. Don't overuse right?

  5. I like the way you describe the last paragraph, mbak Puput. Nice conclusion... kereeenn.

    1. waa baru ngeh komennya mas Andik. makasiiiiiii


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