A Simply Sunday

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A Simply Sunday : Scarf by Irma Hantoyo, Cardigan by Shabilla, Harem print - unbranded.

( My first levitation pict : 50% success. just wait and see the next levitation pict post. ill make it 100%. amin hehe) 

salaam. this is my very late outfit of that day pict. like usual.. I'm wearing simply outfit for my breakfast dating with mom, dad and lil broh. anyway.. time flies so fasttt. insya Allah next month we'r gonna meet Ramadhan .. subhanallah yah ga kerasa, tau-tau udah mau Ramadhan lagi. semoga ibadah kita semakin diberkahi Allah, amalan di bulan puasa lebih baik dari pada amalan di bulan-bulan yang sebelumnya..aamiin. how i miss Ramadhan month so much :)

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