Into the Sea

August 23, 2012

like i wrote in previous posts behind, i love to see the sea. yesterday, before i got my flight to Jakarta, my ton-ton (uncle in france) invited me to go to Lanal V Bangkalan, Madura island. i saw military things in there and my eyes catched Suramadu bridge's view from that place. my father also told me his past story when he was still in young lieutenant grade. you see that sea in the picts? that's Madura strait. usually, many Indonesian' Navy Ship (KRI) pass through the strait. but unfortunately, when i went to that place, i couldn't see that KRI, desolee :(

interested to see Suramadu bridge?

outfit :
scarf by Kaffah / Dress by Tsamara par Puput Utami /  
jeans by Logo / heels by Marie Claire / necklace by Fleur by Febby Pramitha

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  1. sudah sering lewat, put :)

    puput mudiknya ke jawa timur toh :D
    selamat idul fitri ya put :)

  2. langitnya bagus banget kak, dressnya kak put juga cantik :)))


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