July 11, 2012

outfit :

scarf by Dress Up For Life (visit @DressUpForLife)
unbranded mustard shirt / dress by The Thalassa

anyway, it's my first time wearing leopard thing.. honestly, i don't really like when i saw someone wear it from top to toe, seems like eeew and rawwwwr or like trio macan (you kno what i mean) -__- . And i think, it would be so much better if you want to wear leopard, combine it with sum flat or basic colours.. who's with me?

aaand thank you so much Dress Up For Life for givin me this scarf. looove the pattern and material :)

Puput U

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  1. Asli ngakak di bagian "trio macan" nya =D

  2. a very nice outfit and combinatioon there~ good job! and yeah, I agreed with you about the leopard thingy from top to toe. it's like they want to turns themself into a leopard. haha ^^

  3. eheheeee, untung cuma scarfnya aja kak yang "macan" :D

  4. great mix! love the color of your shirt ka! hahaha jangan-jangan sambil photoshoot nyanyi iwak peyek lol


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