Universal Studio Singapore

May 5, 2012

ready to hit USS :)

my first place to visit.. SHREK!! so funny and lovely movie and effect

boogie dancing time with Madagscar team.. gemess lihat Viona dan The penguins
 ceritanya udah mulai capek :p

betty boop.. :D

actually there's some parts in USS : far-far away (which is you can find some of cuty-cartoon characters on Universal's movie), real movie characters like Transformer, The Mummy or some a lil-bit dangerous- shocked games like roller coaster and the Universal Studio itself. i just took a pict in far far away part because actually i didn't have time to catch any pict in Transformer, The Mummy, Galactica, etc part..hahah i too enjoy playing the games.. 
alhamdulillahirabbilalamin, shot vacation day 2 finished :)

btw, im featured on Indria Raudha blog, visit hers here

outfit : Kaffah Scarf by Saturday Market / Dahayu Top by Mainland Heritage / pants - unbranded

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  1. Replies
    1. thank you Radhiana, me love it too :)

  2. puput went to USS too?? hey girl! same with me darling...!! anyway, USS is the besttt things ever!! :)

    1. yeaa i was in there last week. i love USS too and hope to visit USS again next time, insya Allah :)

  3. love your outfit and hijab style :) kalau boleh tau, pake kamera apa? baguss :D

    1. thankyou nada may :) aku pake Nikon :D

  4. Replies
    1. Alhamdulillah terima kasih Shelvii :)

  5. Nice trip pasti ya


  6. Puuut, kamu ke USS-nya kapan? Aku bulan lalu juga ke situ :o *kok ga ketemu yakkk :p

    btw itu cara ngubah settingan comment supaya bisa langsung bales kyk blog-mu ini gimana yahhh

    1. akhir bulan lalu ka Tia, ka tia kapan deh ? hahaha
      ga ngertos, tetiba ada aja gitu tulisan reply di comment box ku.. :D


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