Grigio e Blu

April 5, 2012

salaaam...been busy with midtest, The Thalassa and etcetera thingies make me lil-bit forget to update this blog. okaaay..let's talk about my pict. i wore a super most wanted item from The Thalassa's second edition: Niks. actually, we made another Niks, with same material as before but in different colour. only available in Broken White. Why? because, we tried to make sumthing bright and dark in the same time.. so, we choose white and black for this re-stock edition.. i gotta post my pict wearing The Thalassa broken white anyway in the next post.. wait yaa :D :D

bytheway..for those who live in Palembang.. don't forget to come to Hijabers Palembang's event on april, 8th.. you can grab The Thalassa's items for instance: Niks, Metis, Rhea, etc very limited items..hiks im so sorryyy.. :( and then, in that event, i will give a hijab tutorial together with Siti Juwariyah and Restu Anggraini.. so..can't wait to meet you dear Palembang, Insya Allah :)

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Floral Scarf by Miss Marina / inner - unbranded / Niks Tuxedo Outer by The Thalassa / Dress - Unbranded
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