Blue in the Dark

March 7, 2012

i wore black in black for Talitha (my Thalassa's partner) wedding reception. she looked so beautiful in javanese clothes, but too bad i didn't take a pict of her that night but don't worry, i've her photo in akad nikah session, i'll publish it soon ya.. however, im so happy for her wedding..this is what she's wating for from 7 years ago.. 
by the way, anywaaay.. i have new necklace from pinocchio2ndhand what a sweet necklace, simple yet elegant..i love it. thankyou so much pinocchio

scarf by Kaffah / inner by Ria Miranda / vest Metis by The Thalassa / dress - mother's / necklace by Pinocchio 2nd Hand / ring by le_chateau_shop / handbag - mother's / shoes by Yongki Komaladi

Pinocchio 2nd hand 
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