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September 20, 2011

did you know Mari Behijab movement ?
initiated by Ola Aswandi and it's inspired by #ceritahijab on twitter. started from a spontaneous idea of helping our sister who have a strong will to wear hiab. Mari Berhijab also has a blog which has a role to share hijab stories from all sisters around the world, sharing thoughts about hijab and insha Allah encouraging our sisters who still feel unconfident, shy or ashamed to wear hijab without judgements or hash opinions about them-not-wearing-hijab-yet. this movement continously build their awareness to fulfiil their obligation as a muslimah, to wear hijab.

a month ago Ola Aswandi asked me to write my hijab story, it such a honored for me to share my story. Honestly im so sorryy bcause im not good in writing..but i hope my story can give you an inspiration..aamiiin :)

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  1. salam kenal put, sekarang aku juga udah berhijab, memang sih baru..
    tapi insya Allah untuk selamanya

  2. alhamdulillah..aamiin, semoga selalu istiqamah yaa :)


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