Madura Pattern

September 17, 2011


summer in madura island hehehe

i wore dress batik madura (me collection) to attend my aunt and my uncle walimah hajj this afternoon. batik madura is one of billion heritages from Indonesia, with uniqely batik pattern. That batik is soooooo meeeee :)

for the hijab, usually i wore ninja inner and on that pictures, i made my cardigan as my hijab. how comee? that's easyeeeeeeh guys (gaul abis! haha).. you just have to rotate the longest part from your cardigan (which is in the bottom) to the top side and wore it as a hoodiee.. get it ?* 

xoxo, puput 

*yang ga ngerti,tanya yaaa


  1. yupz, batik madura is unique one. gag kalah ma batik2 dr kota lain, punya ciri khasn sendiri..

    btw kok bs kepikiran hijabnya pake cardigan put? hehee unyu deh :pe

  2. aww lovely look! the batik is really oh-sem, puput! <3 :)
    eniwei, my grandpa was frm Madura too.. :p

    salaam from Jogjah,

  3. bedanya sama batik yg lain dimananya?

  4. Batikya keren banget put..
    Kreatif bgt deh bikin cardigan jadi hijab..
    kapan2 bikin tutorialnyodonk put..

  5. cantik banget mba :)
    gmn caranya tuh mba cardigan dijadiin hijab?

  6. hihi alhamdulillah..makasih yaa teman teman :)


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