HC Coustic and Charity

July 26, 2011

assalammualaikum hijabers...
these are some photos from HC Coustic and Charity event.. yaaaaayyy :)


mba Wanda Hamidah juga hadir loh dalam acara ini, she looks beautiful with her hijab :)

check sound timee...cek cek 123...
i sang two songs : Untukmu by Rio Febrian and Simpan Saja by Ecoutez..
both songs are from Indonesia

and this is what i wore that day, dresscode for HC Committee was earth tone color and shawl by Miss Marina.. I wore that shawl as blouse cardigan :D

anyway..yang aku pake earth tone bukan sih ? hahaha bingungg...

 see you in the next HC eveeent

salaam hijabers :D

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  1. alhamdulillah..thankyou to you sisters :)

  2. Asiiiik... Ada diriku di sana *wink

  3. subhanallah, very gorgeous and beautiful muslimah :)

  4. It must be managed with no desire as God Himself compensates the individuals who do charity. Sustainability


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