Stripe and Colour

June 26, 2011

feel good in stripe pattern :)

you wanna wear like mine ? :p

knit shirt
available in four colours
but im sorry, just available in two size and each colour just one stock :(
so, grab it fast dear :)

cream-black (M) : yellow-white (S) : peach-grey (S): green-white (S)

just email me or send me a personal message on facebook by format
name/email/mobile number/address/item that you wanna buy

don't forget to check delivery cost via JNE 
payment process by BRI within 24h

thankyouuuu :D :D


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  1. emang lagi trend ya skrg stripes dress gitu, lucu soalnya ^^

  2. thankyou dears..
    maaf, untuk saat ini Indonesia only :'(
    doakan semoga bisa post ke malaysia ya :)


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