Shabby Chic Fever

May 8, 2011

yeaa...finally, i make an outfit post..alhamdulillah
yesterday, i tried to play with Shabby Chic outfit.. and i find some ways to wear this outfit

first, wear it in a 'normal' way.. 

second, wear the capucone in Dian Pelangi's hijab style

third, wear the capucone as a shawl and wear your cotton hijab

you can improve by yourself how to put your cotton hijab.. now, i don't know why i love that 'kepang''s sooo me  (idk what is 'kepang' in english :p anyone? )

outfit and headscarf by Ria Miranda
pants by Zara Basic
cotton hijab by Mainland Heritage
hareem - unbranded  


Puput Utami

not allowed to copy and paste photos without permission


  1. hye puput..nice style...suka sgt lihat kamu..cantik sekali gayanya:)

  2. kepang = braided eh iya ga sih hehe, nice. saya suka nomer 2.

  3. hello hello girls, alhamdulillah terima kasih yaa :)

  4. puput..tanya dong hooodiesnya ngga dijual kak ria via online ya...di blog ngg ada soalnya ;(
    by the way your style always adorable?!


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