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February 11, 2011

assalammualaikum, hellow hijabers fellas, how are youuu ? this is my first post in February...but am so sorryy..maybe i'll rarely update this blog, bcause ive to make my thesis proposal and i still confused with topic that i'll take for my thesis huhuhu -__-" but insya Allah i'll try to update blog on my free time :D (wish me luck..amiin)

anywaaaaay...last holiday, i watched Glee which is they sing several Bruno Mars songs.. and yeaah i fall in love with his voice and his songs..hehehe, this is one of my favourite songs from Bruno Mars, take a look 

don't fget to come on Hijabers Community's event yaa.. for more information, please do follow @HijabersComm or visit Hijabers Community's blog , can't wait to meet y'all fellaaas :*


Puput Utami


  1. hi puput..salam kenal ya :)

    aku juga suka lagunya bruno mars yg itu..dan moga thesisnya lancar :)

  2. salam Put. Wow, seems like we're in the same shoes. Zue pun masih lagi bingung mau pilih tajuk apa untuk thesis. Sudah 2 kali present, tapi, belum dapat kata putus dari Prof. Same answers over and over again: "read more about this".

    But, i guess, this is the price we should pay for moving one step ahead in our life right? Anyways, all the best to you Put. Doakan untuk Zue juga ya! =)

    Take care.



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