Dim Sum experience

January 10, 2011

hellooo, last night i took a gouter time  dinner with Febby, ka Litha, ka Wulan and ka Restu at Bamboo Dimsum where we can eat a lots of Dimsum only 45.000 Idr... 
anyway, we already made this dimsum plan since a month ago, and finally we make it :)

but first, this is my outfit that i wore last night :D

top : batwing outfit /  paris veil gradation brown to green soil /

and heree's the zack-oet geng ! *ahha..whatev*




Talitha - Febby

 HOW CHUBBY IAM !! oh MY GOD ! look my cheek , just like ba pao :'(

here some of our dimsums

Alhamdulillaaaah, happy tummy :D

puput utami


  1. shazalina : thanks dear :)
    novi _sari : makasih saay, itu bukan KV..hehe

  2. I like your outfit, it's very nice :) do you know where i can get it ? Thanks Puput.

  3. thanks dear, i got it at itc mangga dua

  4. puput, mau dong ikutan makan malamnya hehehe
    dan kalau boleh nih untuk hijab inspiration linkku pindah kesini yah makasih :)

  5. puput itu pasti zack-oet stands for JAK-UT. wehehhe
    foto dimsumnya bikin lapar! dan I love your outfit put.. as always :D :D


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