Dian Pelangi's wedding party

January 20, 2011

assalammualaikum, hellooow felloooww..
last sunday night i attended DP's wed party, my hijabers friend at Hotel Indonesia Kempinsky

I went to that venue with ka Lita and Febby, ah ya.. we came lil bit late bcause we spent a lot of times with chit chat and make up -___-" fyi, me and hijabers friends promise that we would make smokey eyes make up, haaah... okayy, i have no idea how to make it, so i asked ka Lita to make it on my eyes :D

we arrived at HI Kempinsky at 8.30 p.m, yeaah.. i asked ka lita (again) to ride my car..ou yeaah, karena aku tau dia punya kemampuan yang luar biasa untuk mempersingkat waktu perjalanan dan mengerti soal jalan tikus di jakarta sekitarnya ..hehehe and finallyyyy we met with hijabers and wow... met the beautiful bridee, subhanallah

photos by Fifi Alvianto

photo by : Annisa Fathiya

photos by Sendy Monarchi

and here, the groom and the bride :)


Puput Utami


  1. waaa.. u all looks so beautifuulll... gorgeous! and the bride huaa cantik bgt speechless..

  2. dresses2 yang dipake warnanya bagus2 put..aku sukaa.. hehehe

  3. aaa.. semua cantik2.. bajunya juga bagus2 ;)

  4. iiich... ada akunya, horay horay :))

  5. iihh cantik2 banget dech jadi pengin belajar pake jilbab gitu ^^

  6. waaaw everybody looks awesome ;)
    you too in purple hehe

  7. Wiuhhh keren..keren....cantik2 pula...mau ajarin cantik begitu kak..=D

  8. wiuh...cantik2 nya...mau dung cantik kyak gitu juga pake jilbab nya..=D
    keren pokok e...


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