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December 21, 2010

assalammualaikum dearr my blog !! 
how are youu..it's been so long long time i didnt post anything on my blog :(
bcause theres a lot of THINGS that i've to do, oooh my assignments are killing me softly 

this is my FIRST post in december.. how comee ? it's already the 3rd week and i didnt post anything, poor me... but, don't worreeh* (*means "worry" :p) Insya Allah i'll post everything about my a month full holiday, i just can't wait for 28 December, bcause that day will be my last exam in this term.. and i hope that i'll get a good GPA then, amiiin ya rabbal alamin :D

well, this is my very last hijab style update since my last post in november,

that's the simple things, i just wore a white wide shirt, pants (zara), and i put belt on my waist.. very simple rite ? Anyway, i've to finish my assignments, two more assignments for final exam.. bismillahiraahmanirrahim
pray for me dear readers, and thankyou for reading and visiting my blog :D 

salaam !
puput utami


  1. always love simplicity ;D
    btw kalo baju gitu dipake ke kampus put?
    moga bagus ya IP & IPKnya...

  2. wah, kak puput akhirnya posting lagi :D horee

  3. ka tia : me too love simplicity :D ini dipakenya pas mau pergi ka..hehe

    amalia : yeeee *loncat-loncat*

    ibunyachusaeri : iyaa, lagi sibuk uas bu, doain yaa :D


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