Idul Adha 1431 H

November 17, 2010

salam to everyone
selamat hari raya Idul Adha 1431 H
waah, ga kerasa deh ya. kayaknya baru kemaren ngerayain Idul Adha, hari ini alhamdulillah merayakan Idul Adha lagi..

and this is what i wore today 

maxi dress by Koffere Vrow*

my elementary school friend ,Intan came to my house to celebrate Ied Adha with me and my family, yuumm...happy !!

she looks very happy, right ? hehe

we did a lot of things together, beside ate sate, soto and cookies, we did tutorial hijab :D 

PS : if you wanna buy that stripes maxi dress as what i wore above, just send a message on Koffere Vrow's facebook or just send to mine. the condition is new and KV just have one stock, happy shopping :)


  1. hai puput, you inspire me with that stipes dress. cantik banget disini :) suka suka!

  2. Put, suka bgt capenya!! Beli dimanaaa?

  3. thankyouu all, capenya bisa ditemukan di mall mall terdekat ka wul :D

  4. best best kak puput :) saya juga lagi suka maxi dress! punya kkak bgus stripey gitu :) pengeeen...

  5. pupuuuutt... Lucu banget outfitnyaa..
    put folow me dong putt.. :D

  6. cantik paduannya ^^

  7. setuju sama ka wulaan, cape-nyaa kereeen putt ahiyy :D

  8. pengen beli maxi striped dress. belom nemu juga di semarang. Koffere Vrow jual ga? :(

  9. hei Effrieda, stock nya udah habis say..syg banget :( emang kalo stripe gini worth bangett bisa dimix sama apapun :)


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