is Violette the Colour of Widow ?

April 6, 2010

heei mes amis, comment allez-vous ?

'two ways to wear your mini dress and match it with your hijab'
violette paris hijab, floral dress, cabik violette long shirt, jus d'orange white legging, crocs pink (the first photo), red gladiator wedges (the second photo) and homemade bag

i just can't stop smiling every time i listen to Michael Buble ft Kelly Rowland's song :)
aw aw aw (hehe..gajebo)

anyways i wanna share with you about my last longweekend..
first, friday , april 2nd, 2010 i went to Taman Puring with my lil brother bcause he wanted to buy sum clothes and shoes there. you know what ? you'll get your stuff there with cheaper price then you buy in other place. but, that place is so HOT inside! you've to prepare some tissue and  kipas kondangan!! in the evening, i did conference with my lovely friends in YM !
second day, april 3rd..i just stayed at home, watched tv, did lil bit my home work, did my koffere vrow project and took sum pictures of my self (hehehe). and third day, april 4th 2010, i went to Bandung with my family, and just stayed there only 30 minutes -,- rrrrrr after that, i went to mall kelapa gading and took our lunch ;)

that's all my last longweekend, walaupun nggak begitu banyak kegiatan, tapi alhamdulillah liburannya menyenangkan :) and how about your longweekend, bloggers ?
oiya, mau tanya deh..kata siapa sih ungu itu warna janda ? astagfirullah...ckck



  1. ├ža va bien..

    ungu bagus ko. suka..

    salam kenal ya.
    udah aku follow balik, n aku pasang link di blog aku..

  2. red gladiator wedgesnya lucu banget.....

  3. love your dress.. cute ^^

  4. ungu bukan warna janda..suamiku ja sukaaa..warna fav dia hehehe


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