Family time ( without Adian )

April 17, 2010

assalammualaikum mes amis
alhamdulillah, last night i went to Pizza Hut - Cempaka mas with my family

what we ate ? :D

picture 1. cheese deluxe 2. lasagna 3. ice cream mix <-- actually i don't know what kind of cream tat :p

we also ate spaghetti, but i didn't take a picture because we ate that pasta in very short time..woahaha, we do love pizza's pasta. (begitu spaghetti nya dianterin, langsung di sikaaat :D)

here my family

above : aria (my second brother) and papa
under : me and mama

there's no Adian (my first brother) because now, he is in Bandung for study..
we miss you Adian
other fact ! Aria now lil bit higher than me, although he's in the first year at junior high :'(
we look like a twin when we are standing close each other
but, never mind.. hehehe



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