A day with Febby

March 6, 2010

assalammualaikum worrrrrld :D
i wanna tell you about my day..
saturday, March 6th 2009. my best friend Febby came to my house
we did a lot of things and had some discussion about our Koffere Vrow :)
i love to share with her and i guess that we've sum similarity in many views..
i wanna tell you about her.. there are sum points that i've marked from the first time we met each other in JHS until NOW.. essentially she's cute, kind, mature, belle, funny and etc etc

panjang ceritanya gimana aku dan febby jadi temen deket. she is my JHS friend, dan aku  nggak terlalu tau banyak tentang dia. and we met again in SHS, i still didn't kno(e)w a lot about her because of  ehm...'something' (hahaha..biasalah anak SMA.. :p) and in 3rd year SHS, we were in the same class, 3social4..

seperti sebuah kebetulan lagi, kita ketemu lagi di kampus dan tempat kosan yang sama pas kita masuk Universitas. tadinya satu jurusan juga, tapi aku migrasi ke prancis.. dari situlah kita mulai deket.
dan sampe sekarang, kita jadi deket dan sekarang kita jadi sering curhat-curhatan, saling share pengalaman satu sama lain, pergi cari tempat tempat baru, masak masakan bareng (sama ratih juga) dan alhamdulillah sekarang kita jadi partner sebuah project masa depan :D hehe...Amiiiin semoga suksesss...

ah..ya, i found her site and when i red her site, there are a post that she wrote about me..im so excitedddd..

mbee, makasih ya untuk tulisan yang ada di blog-mu..i love youu :*

 (t-shirt brown, hijab brown, jumpsuit skirt and jeans)

here her site

the picture of me and febby :)


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