Proud and Happy

March 21, 2010

im so happy today because my lil student, dina, did her homework well. 
she red the notes and played two songs very well (right hand : fluent, left hand : not bad)..
i proud to have a lil student like her, although sometimes she's so fussy but i know that she's very very smart :)

after that, my old friend, intan came to my house, we did so much fun, we had nice conversation, took some pictures, browsed, searched our old friends at facebook and etc..
and here there's her picture

view her blog at intan permata sari
she is my bestfriend since i was in elementary school grade 4 until now :)

then, here there are our pictures taken from my baby toshiba
i've to go to my bed now, because tomorrow i should go to campus early morning
can't wait for la semaine de la francophonie , tomorrow! yaaay :)

have a nice dream, people
good night

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