Choco fun world

March 17, 2010

assalammualaikum worlddd :D
yesterday i went to m.o.i with my family bcause my lil brother wanted to buy new schoolbag.. then, suddenly i saw chachallange fun world and il y a beaucoup de CHOCOLAAAAATS... i loveee chocolate :D

there, you'll find variety of chocolate and if you are a chocolate lover you can buy all the chocolate..yuuuum :D
and theeeeeeeeeeen, the coolest one is KING OF BAR of CHUNKY BARRRR !!!

tat's so bigg, right?! if im not wrong the weight of king of bars is 1 kg and the price is 160.000 IDR (promo, but usually it's 220.000 IDR) <--- wohoooo ngilerrr :p
then, finally i bought chocolate almonde from Delfi and my mother bought some chocolates too (she loves chocolate, just like me..hehe)

if you buy over than 50.000 IDR, you'll have a chance to get a prize by playing in 3 kinds of games (you'll choose one of them).. my father played at Balon DOR!! and he got a prize "chocolate product "

Balon Dor - Join Chachallange - Bola Chacha

and i took sum pictures of me :) hehe (narsis tetep yaa :P)

giant cute egg :)

then, i found this adorable one...

Yamaha Grand Piano

anyone wanna buy me that Grand Piano? :) hehe..i wish sumday i can buy these Grand Piano..amin ya Allah !!

let's go to chachallange fun world and get all the chocolates that you like..wohoooooooooo !! :)


  1. dimanaaaa ituu? bagi doong coklatnyaaa :9
    itu silverqueen beneran sekilo??

  2. beneraaan.. di moi, kmaren lagi promo gitu :) tapi ga beli yg chocobars yg gede :(


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