February 28, 2010


hello mes amis.. today i met with my lil student..hihi. she is dina, 3rd grade at ES..she likes piano very much, very very smart and very very comeeel* (malaysian..hehe). i proud to have lil student like her..yay!!

and sunday means that i should to be a piano's teacher..awawaw :D
what i wore today ?

being a teacher
(i wore: blue paris hijab, black t-shirt, grey suit and blue jeans)

sunday afternoon is family's timeeee, and i went to eat bakso pak min with my family..

family's time :D
(i wore: dark green paris hijab, green sweater, mini dress strips (green, grey and dark yellow), black legging and black converse)

and today was very very HOTTTT outside !!! and i can't live far away from my cold room...
ah ya, im so happy today because of sumthing <--haha gajebos, tapi beneran lagi happy banget dari semalem, alhamdulillah..thanks GOD!!

happy sundaaaay :D

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