Thursday Simply Yellow

February 18, 2010

hari kamis adalah hari dimana gue dan teman teman se-jurusan agak santai kuliahnya.. why i said like tat ?
because, in thursday there's no kbp's class. but, there's still much home works :(..
but, for "the brighter future" i should more and moreee learning french to make my french very very well. there's sum differences between french and english, so..i wanna say tat im so so sorry if my english isn't soo good..pardon pardon pardon :((

back to Thursday. there was rainy day in my thursday.. i have 2 subjects, Indonesian's culture and history of the world. i love those subjects soo much, because with those subjects i get moree knowledges about indonesian's cultures and history of the world.. (yaiyalah yaa..)

the point is im soo happy today, eventhough there was sumthing that made me bored and lil bit fed-up, because suddenly there was a woman sat in front of me, so i couldn't see my lecturer at history of the world's class :(
im so thankful to Allah, because Allah gives me a very beautiful day !!

what i wore today ?

just simply yellow fresh for thursday
(yellow paris hijab, black turtleneck/shirt, yellow chemise (motif vintage), black jeans, black shoes wedges and black handbag)

with friends

the situation of KI's class

au revoir

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