Julie and Julia's movie

February 14, 2010

i just finished watching julie and julia's movie and that's so inspiring me.
this movie based on Julie Powell's book "Julie & Julia: 365 days 524 recipes". Julia Powell recounts how she conquered every recipe in Julia Child's Matering the Art of French Cooking and saved her soul.
because this movie based on trus story, after i watched the movie, i tried to search the real Julie Powell and Julia Child in google.com, then i found them :

Julie Powell with her Julie &Julia's book

Julia Child

and they are Julia Child and Julie Powell in Julie & Julia's movie

i love this film so much and i wanna buy the book too, but i dont know, i can find it in my country or not. actualy, i love cooking eventhough i lil bit (almost couldn't -,-) do that..i mean, im cooking everything instant like nugget, noodle, sausages, french fries, etc. ah yaa.. i remember that i ever made la crepe and ratatouli with my lecturer when i took gastronomy's class, i made fried banana with my bestfriends, and i helped my house assistant when she made oseng-oseng tempe (wish you understand with my language), et cetera et cetera hehehe

my mother told me that someday i'll be a wife and a mother for my family so i have to cook. it's hard i think and it's impossible for me..but i believe, there's no impossible things in the world. everything is possible, there is a will, there is a way..and i will try to learn how to make a delicious food.. wish me luck guysss..

PS i have an obsession with julia child like julie powell ? no no no no.. ah, yes may be..but..emmm.. not really,i will ask my house assitant to teach me how to cook...start from..emm..next saturday maybe (amin), because in the weekdays i go to campus, i think there is no time for me to cook, because i'll go in the morning, and at home in evening.. and i'll post my food in this blog after i make them (just like Julie Powell, right? hahaha...) for my future husband, children and my family :)

see you...


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