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February 13, 2010

in the first time i wore hijab, i was afraid that theres hard for me to found clothes or dresses that i can wear to go somewhere especially what im wearin when i go to my campus. but, my mother told me that i can wear everything in my suitcase. then i tried to mix them with my hijab and the result was soo beautiful.
from that day, i realized that i can be a super manequine with my hijab because with hijab i can have my own style...

i tried to make some new styles with my account at looklet.com last night. i tried to make some hijab style. i just want to make a perception that with hijab you can wear whatever you wanna wear into your body, you can wear your old skirt, your t-shirt, your mini dresses, whatever you have in your suitcase, you can wear them as a muslim style.. try it and be youself !

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  1. Assalamu'alaikum :)

    salam kenal :)
    really love how you deliberate it :) so true!! masalah kreatifitas kita aja gmn cara bikin baju2 kesukaan kita bisa ttp kita pakai dan ttp syar'i..


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